8 days Northern Norway experience


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8 days
Airplane (not included), Minibus, boat.
Tour Type:
Active holiday
Group size:
Min 4 Max 7 (in case of less than 4 perons the date will be rescheduled, or trip will be cancelled and money will be refunded)

So one day of whale safari is not enough for you?! Then you are on the right place just here!! This is THE trip for whale fanatics and passionates (yes i know what you feel, i can’t get enough even after all those years). Every year we organize a couple of this exclusive journeys. Closer to the whales as this you will not get… You will even have the option to go snorkeling with them!

It is really an unbelievable experience to see the WHOLE whale and not just the top of it while breathing on the surface… It is just totally something different to see them move and to hear them under water… YES you can actually hear them communicate! To be in the water with the orcas and whales is a powerful experience and an unforgettable meeting with nature.

This is what we call a once in a lifetime experience (but of course you are welcome to do the trip several times ;)).

The trip starts in Tromsø (transport to and from Tromsø on your own behalf), where we will stay the first night. After the first night we will take a walk around beautiful Kvaløya and Sommarøy (after breakfast of course). After that we will make us ready for a 4 hour drive to Skjervøy where we will stay  the rest of the week (except the last night, then we will be back around Tromsø again). From here we will go on a whale safari trip by boat several times, and it is also possible to participate in information evenings about the whales and reasearch here around Skjervøy. Very interesting as i say it myself…

If you want to go snorkeling with the whales, we have also equipment that can be rented. We have everything you need!

There is also an option to go dog sledding with huskies or take a trip with the snowmobile (if the weather conditions allow), and we will make a trip to Finland to climb Finland’s second highest mountain if the weather allows us to do so, and see some reindeer. And of course we will see the northern lights several times this week if we are lucky enough…

Available guide languages on this trip: ENG, NO, PL, DE, NL.

This trip is suitable for almost everyone! The only things you need are warm clothes (we can provide winter suits and spikes for under your shoes), a good humour and sometimes a lot of patience, sometimes it can help to bring medicine against seasickness. When the circumstances allow we can make a campfire not only once. Welcome!

For more information scroll completely down to the bottom of this page.

Here you can find a nice video impression from one of the trips:

Your host/captain on this trip: Roy Balvert

Certified with Norwegian license D5L, dutch licenses KVB 1 + 2, MARCOM-B, Norwegian SRC certificate, STCW, and a complete health attest for people working at sea. And lots of years experience out on the sea. So no worries!


So you were wondering what’s included?

  • During the boat trips we provide water- and windtight flotation suits and lifevests.
  • We provide spikes for under your shoes during icy circumstances.
  • Headlights.
  • All transport and transfers by minibus.
  • All accomodation (hotels/cabins).
  • Food & drinks, breakfast, lunch and dinner (except alcoholic beverages & luxury food).
  • Boat excursions. We will be out on the water 2 or 3 days, depending on the weather.
  • A trip to Finland (Kilpisjärvi). On some trips we also stay over night for 1 night in Finland.
  • A friendly guide/captain/driver with the nickname ”captain chaos”. Don’t worry, everything is well organised, i just have problems with putting my keys on 1 place 😉 (too many pockets).
  • Guiding in Dutch, English, Polish, Norwegian or German. I also understand French, Swedish, Danish and other slavic languages, so i think we won’t have communication problems. Or else we will use hands and feet.
  • Lots of new friends!! As we are travelling as a group during the whole trip, we come as strangers but we leave as friends. You will find out!

What is not included?

  • Dog sledding and/or snowmobile trips. We offer this as an option during the trip. The price is 2500 NOK per person and needs to be ordered in advance.
  • Rental of the snorkeling gear. First day: 1500 NOK, every other day 500 NOK. If you only wear your wetsuit/drysuit and decide to not go snorkeling during the trip you will only pay a cleaning fee of 750 NOK. We have to clean the suits for hygienic reasons, and it is quite a lot of work.
  • Flights to and from Tromsø. Of course if you need any advice or help with booking your flight, then we are here to help you.
  • Usage of jacuzzi and/or sauna in the accomodations is most of the times for an additional fee.
  • Travel insurance.

For every trip we write out the program, but as you understand nature and weather can be wild in this regions, and sometimes we have to switch things to give our guests the best experience. If you want to receive the program, please send us an e-mail or download it here:

English version

Polish version

Visit our Facebook page www.facebook.com/inlovewithnorway for more photos of our trips. Don”t forget to give the page a like and to follow us… 😉


Departure 17th of November 2024: 2 free spaces left

Departure 7th of December 2024: 4 free spaces left

Departure 4th of January 2025: Reserved for private group

Departure 12th of January 2025: 5 free spaces left

Max. group size on this trips: 7.

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8 days Northern Norway experience


Difficulty grade: *** moderate.

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  • December 7, 2024
  • January 12, 2025
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