After experiencing Norway quite a lot of years as a tourist and a truckdriver i can finally say that i am a ”local” now myself here. Together with my family i am living in Norway for several years now. I am also working as ”postman” on a truck from the Norwegian postal services, and there i have learned where and how to find the magical hidden places all over Norway. All those places are just too beautiful to keep them only for myself. So let me take you there and share the joy and happines to see such wonderful things!

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Hikes and mouintain guiding

As an experienced hiker and mountain guide i can take you to the most breathtaking places. For a couple of hours, but also a couple of days, just as you wish. Some trips need extra local knowledge, so there are we cooperating with guides who know the ins and outs. Everything to do it safe and smoothly.


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Chasing the northern lights!

As you might understand the northern lights, or better known as the green lady or queen Aurora thanks her name to the location where you can find her. The north! Northern Norway is THE place to be to find the green lady dancing above your head. But sometimes when we are lucky it happens that she also dances even in the southern parts of Norway. We can be your guide to find her, or give you tips and tricks to find her yourself.


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Out on the water!

Also when it comes to water we have the knowledge and certification to take you on a safe and breathtaking trip! Rafting, kayaking, canoe trips, whalesafari trips, or just a round trip to show you all the beautiful things to find, we can organise it! I am a certified captain and kayak instructor myself, but i also work together with partners all over Norway to give you a safe and succesful trip.


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Extreme adventures

So you think everything that we offer is quite dull? Then you have to check out our Extreme Adventures!! Spotting polar bears on Svalbard, swimming with orca’s in northern Norway, frozen waterfall climbing, 3 or 4 day dog sledding trips on the north-pole, ziplines, white water rafting, via ferrata, etc. etc. You name it, we have it!

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